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    THE WHY OF PAYMENT PAGE(page for liberty and wallet game)

    On many forum and chat boxes,often I can read this:
    how can winspiral payout us just for entering an Id number in a form?

    On this page I will give you answers to this question.

    4) below I have already earnt some dollars and have advertised there:
    All are each time payout one or twice a month. No Minimum Payout

    5)...easy to reach minimum payout $0.10

    Help me to reach often the minimum payout ($0.10) with hpbux...

    So I can payout you more with my Libertygame.
    6)...Seems interesting...because minimum payout payout is only $0.01 per Liberty reserve.
    Thanks for your help...I will ask soon my first payout to seen if it is working and i will ofcourse tell you about.
    paid to login

    It helps me to have some visitors:

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    Make deposit $0.01 and win $0.03
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    So you have enough cash to invest in passivecash game and earn cash for life !!!

    Help me to reach often the minimum payout ($0.10) with hpbux...

    12/03/2012 02:37 ###### 122489034 ##### U6659994 (Harshit Peer) + $0.09
    03/22/2013 15:39 ###### 136865660 ##### U6659994 (Harshit Peer) + $0.09
    So I can payout you more with my Libertygame.

    paid to login
    Easy way to earn LR cash...and abow helps me to pay you more Liberty reserve cash!!!
    10/05/2012    12:27   113252281   U0154135   (paidtologin)  + $0.12
    11/01/2012    17:02   117442930   U0154135   (paidtologin)  + $0.17
    11/27/2012    08:11   :121677048   U0154135   (paidtologin)  + $0.06
    02/17/2013    17:47   131967004   U0154135   (paidtologin)  + $0.19
    03/13/2013    18:40   135581521   U0154135   (paidtologin)  + $0.12
    Thanks for your hepl for my four payments.

    I try this programme below,it can help me to pay you more on Liberty game.Minimum payout is $0.01 then risk is minimum.
    smileytraffic SmileyTraffic

    So far,I have invest in bestmoneys twice ($2.00).I got $1.50 and I have about $0.15 in pending cash.
    I certainly will not make profit because i will reinvest as soon i have won next $1.00
    But with this system I have a banner on bestmoneys and had good return for it.
    At the end I will have advertising for years for less then $1.00 or even little profit and I think it is a good deal.

    SensiPay Banner

    Referral Banners

    bubble:13 August 2011
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    jouez au jeu du un dollar
    The one dollar game.

    New:Now you can use your won w$ to upgrade your liberty game account.