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    Update August 2012:
    If you are inactive for more than 10 days it is possible you see on your account the words:saved 4 fees.
    As you see this is beter as strict cancelling for inactivity.
    But are not too happy,you can not be inactive for eternity,because your balances will decrease...decrease and decrease...if it is empty...your account is cancelled.
    Once againe:
    The worse thing is inactivity.
    Think about it.
    And be not shy...if someting is not clear abour the liberty game,use the contact link ans ask me...i will clear you.(lol)
    My purpose is not to cancel accounts...but I hate to manage inactive accounts.So I prefer to give sleepingcash to active members.

    This below is past...see always updates...
    Normaly inactive accounts are cancelled because I cannot hold for month inactive accounts.i prefer give the sleeping cash to active members.
    If I have time and the member has let an email address,I send sometimes a recall that account will soon be cancelled for inactivity or that account is cancelled for the same raison.

    It can also happen that I send $0.02 with a little message saying that account will soon be cancelled.But than I take $0.01 fee.
    Of course this is not a generality and nobody can cry if I do not so.I can simply cancel the account without warning.
    Remember that the game is a game (lol) other word a race for earning.if you stop to run in a race,it is normal that you loose the race.No?
    One cannot all the time agree benefit because other ones have loose their account and cry if it happens to oneself.

    remember that you can ask to everybody to valide your account.So it is almost impossible to loose his account.
    And above all this,I am more tolerant with old members who has some cents in.I am it too with upgraders.
    No tolerance for account with only one or few validations.

    I'm sorry,so sorry,but the game can only work if I am strict .Do not forgett that each inactive account cancelled is cash for active members.
    I say it never enough:if something is not clear ask me using the contact link.

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    jouez au jeu du un dollar
    The one dollar game.

    New:Now you can use your won w$ to upgrade your liberty game account.