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    What is advantage to upgrade?
    Firstable for 1 upgrade you will have your banner showed in rotation here on this page and on the system page showed after validation for at least 2 years.
    Secondable you will earn more often at the liberty game so you will certainly win back your investisment and banners will continuous to be showed in rotation.

    What does cost 1 upgrade?
    1 upgrade costs $0.11 paid to LR account U5318363
    or with this button:
    Let in comment:
    and send me your banner 468x60 info with url by contact link.

    or you can buy a upgrade with you pending cash,it cost then only $0.10

    You can now upgrade without for same cost you will have 50% more upgrades if you pay with LR cash.If you use PP or MB balance $0.10=$0.10

    Feel free to ask me per contact link if something is not clear about upgrading.
    Upgrades without banneradvertising is only interesting if you are active,because you have to validate to get back your investment and then only to take benefit.
    The most important thing is to be enough active for not loose your account.Remember that everybody can help you validating under your LR id if you are sleeping(lol) or away in holliday.
    You benefit cash from cancelled account,it is normal that other people benefit from your pending cash if you are inactive. It is a strategic game too:
    If you forecast to upgrade,then wait not too long because the earlier you upgrade,the earlier you have take back your investment and then only make profit.
    Some contries can not use PP.I advise to upgrade with their inusable pending cash to upgrade asap they have $0.10(that can be for instance $0.03 in pp and $0.07 in MB).
    If you have use in PP or MB it is of course interesting to upgrade in LR bacause you have $0.15 for the cost of $0.10 only.
    It's not my kind to promise you paradise on earth.You can see how much earch members win.I cannot hold on cancelled account it would take me to managing time and host cost.But I have ever take my promises.What you see on your account is yours...if you become not inactive...of course.
    If something is not clear for you...ask me using the contact link.I anwer always.

    NEW from August 2013 on.
    You can now buy upgrades and advertising with Perfect Money.
    use contact link to talk about.

    This banner below is from a sponsor or an upgrader.

    you can use your gains won on liberty game to upgrade or to buy advertisments.See the rules about.

    The banner below is from a sponsor of autosurf de la spirale gagnante.
    Thanks to him too.

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    jouez au jeu du un dollar
    The one dollar game.

    New:Now you can use your won w$ to upgrade your liberty game account.