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    Normaly you should not need this help to win Liberty Reserve cash.But to show you that it is easy,I will explain a little(with my bad English)
    To win you need firstable a Liberty Reserve account.Because I will payout you to this account.
    Then you need just to put your Liberty reserve user Id in the game form wich is on the home page or on the link below:

  •  Formulaire du jeu(click on this link to validate)

    many things have changed in all the livetime.Please visit and read carefully all pages to understand how to earn a max.
    Soon I will add here a global help,but the best is to visit all the site.
    I want to make you a question! :)
    Ok. My LR account number is:Uxxxxxxx
    I made 3 or 4 times the validate thing but it is still saying that i have 0.00$ LR pending cash!
    How much moneys do i get from 1-2 time validating my LR account?
    And I get to contact you to get my moneys on LR or will it be automatic?

    Thanks for you question.
    I answer here so many other ones can use it.
    Normaly you should find the answer on the site...ok it is not easy to find,but each page helps me to offer you cash(lol)
    It is important to know that the liberty game is an big contest made by many little contests.
    You do not earn x dollars for x validations.
    It depends on my revenues and on how many other people do validate.
    It depends on how people validate:
    it is better for example to validate once per day during 20 days that 20 times during one day.
    Of course if you validate many times per day it is better than only once.

    No,payout is not automatic.You have to ask it.
    You have absolutly to understand how all the game works about upgrades,advertising and vouchers to take best profit of the game. is not simple,but many people have understood it.
    If I have $1.00 I cannot give $2.00 to members.
    If I have $1.00 in PP I cannot give $1.00 in LR.
    It is why you see different balances on your account.
    On the site if you read it,you can read that it can be interesting to purchase upgrades with amout of pending cash where you do not have an account to be payouted.
    The most important thing is to know that inactivity cancels your account.
    All accounts with only 1 validation are cancelled after few days.
    Accounts with only 3 validaition are cancelled after about 2 weeks inactivity.
    Accounts with many validations are cancelled after about 2 months inactivity.

    Feel free to ask me if something is not clear.
    Use the contact link,I answer always ASAP.

    Once you have put your id and the antibot Number in the form,you click the submit button.
    And normaly your submiting is ok.
    You can play again after at least 60 minutes.

    Regularly the id on the top of the rank will win Liberty reserve cash and return back at the queue of the rank.

    You can ofcourse see the progress,and see if you will soon win.

    The often you submit your id,the often you will win.

    By the way,your friends can submit for you,and you can submit for your friends.
    ...This is always possible but you can only validate for two accounts and then you are locked for a long time if your account is not unloked from other much people have cheated.
    You can use your direct link too.
    or your banner:

    You can find the code here:

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    jouez au jeu du un dollar
    The one dollar game.

    New:Now you can use your won w$ to upgrade your liberty game account.