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    Get a liberty reserve account here for free
    To earn cash with my liberty game you need to have an Liberty reserve account.You can get one for free.

    Afin que vous puissiez gagner encore plus de Liberty Reserve,je vous fais part d'autres jeux gratuits ou presque où l'on peut gagner du Liberty cash.

    All members from passivecash game can be member of winspiral's liberty game for free.

  • This game is reserved to Liberty Reserve members.It is almost free.You can participate with only $0.02 or maximum $1.00
    This limits flood submissions,it's why I have not do it completely free.Of course you can use your LR balance of the liberty game.
    You can follow the earnings of all members.So you can take the best decision for investments.
    For less than one dollar you can have fun and an income for life.
    The more the game will become popular,the more you will earn if sponsors are interested about it.
    You have to be a good trader to take the maximum profit of the game.
    Short of Liberty reserve cash or suspicious?
    Participe for free at the liberty game(see menu at the left side)
    You will soon earn $0.02 and then you can invest in the passivecash game.But I'm sure you will regret not to have taken part earlier.
    Any way:have fun !!!
    NEW:free shares offered to each passivecash game participant !!!

    This is so far a test...but you will be paid,success or not.
    You will seen such click bor on many pages.
    The principle is to win together at least $5.00

    Enter your Liberty reserve ID and earn cash(this is your cash booster)

    You can generate unlimited cash for common jackpot:
    you 3 valid clicks per hour
    your unlimited friends or visitors or programs clickers can valid 3 times per hour.

    But you can only win a part of jackpot once per 15 minutes by your clicks or by click of your booster link from others.
    your link:

    Good games are more and more difficult to find...
    Serious games are more and more difficult to find.The good one does not live long time.With liberty game from winspiral you earn few,but since more years you earn.
    Voilà...le jeu du liberty reserve résiste.On gagne peu mais on gagne.

    Under this line it is private:
    Humidity:24 july 2011
    summum:7th september 2011
    upload humour:13 septembre 2011
    minimum maximum :11 november 2011
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    jouez au jeu du un dollar
    The one dollar game.

    New:Now you can use your won w$ to upgrade your liberty game account.